First Christmas Project
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"Receiving the First Christmas Present™ from our dear friend was a beautiful reminder of how precious the birth of Christ was for the world. We must share the good news of Christ with others. Presenting the First Christmas Present™ to someone is a wonderful way to achieve this goal." Franklin Family

"I have already started to give these gifts out and everyone has been thrilled with the gift. I love your ministry and appreciate your efforts to share the Word!" Julie S.

"My family loved them! It was such a small gift but meant so very much. I teach a group of young women every Sunday. I wanted to give this gift to bring a part of Christmas that they can touch and smell." Heidi H.

"Thank you so much! You have blessed our family greatly this Christmas. Christmas morning, I will ask our children to take turns reading "The Gift" aloud and then will give them each the First Christmas Present™ representing those first Christmas gifts. It's a wonderful way to put Christ back in Christmas! I bought extra boxes for friends to share the blessing. Thank you." Barbara S.

"I received my Christmas box today. I already gave my first box away to a very dear friend and she just loved it. This is a really great idea. One of these boxes is going to my cousin who I have been praying for years. I know the Lord is going to open her eyes." Bert O.

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