First Christmas Project
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Closeouts & Volume Discounts

What’s the difference between the original and new versions?
Close Out Box
Buy 1: $6.95 each
Buy 10: $5.95 each
Buy 20: $4.95 each
Buy 50: $4.45 each
Buy 100: $3.95 each
We three kings

Share the message with everyone with copies of an earlier version of the pamphlet for only 1 cent each! Please be sure to check out refund/policy prior to your purchase.

Volume Discounts of the New Version

Buy 5: $8.95 each
Buy 10: $7.95 each
Buy extra pamphlets for 30 cents each

Protective slide taped down
Overhang on lid and base
5mm taller front to back (because of the overhang)

NEW Version
Protective slide slides in and out
Rounded lid
5mm deeper front to back

Refund & Privacy Policy